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Check the access information, know where the venue is located, and plan your travel for attending the show.​

Tokyo Sightseeing​

How about wandering around Japan after the show? You can see many different aspects of Japan.​

Makuhari & Chiba Area Information​

Introducing information around Makuhari Messe and Chiba area, where the venue is located.​

The Venue

Makuhari Messe, Japan​
2-1, Nakase, Mihama-ku, Chiba-city, 
Japan 261-8550​

Visa Information​

Find out everything you need to know about the documentation required to enter Japan to visit TOOL JAPAN


A: You will need a visitor ticket and business cards. Please apply for the visitor ticket from the following website.

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* This exhibition is held for business purpose. (Please note that the general public and those under 18 years old are not admitted to enter.)

A: Yes. The admission badge you will receive in exchange for the visitor ticket is valid for following concurrent shows.


A: Please refer to the transport access information below for details.

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A: Yes. Visit the following hotel information website for details. (Please note that almost all the hotels near the show venue are expected to be fully booked around the show dates. Show Management recommends visitors to book their accommodation for the show in advance.) Reservations for hotels can be made online.

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A: Please visit the official website of Makuhari Messe for details about Wi-Fi services.

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A: Coin lockers are available on-site. Please refer to the floor map of the show venue.

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A: Free e-Visitor Ticket.

A: No need to print out. Show the QR code displayed on your smartphone screen at on-site registration.

A: Please contact Show Management