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Japan's Leading Tool & Hardware Trade Show

B-to-B trade show for professional users

Tools & hardware related to architecture, carpenter, maintenance, and horticulture will gather all at once in TOOL JAPAN. Not only the retailers & wholesalers from hardware stores, home centres, garden centres and hardware shops, but also industry professional users will visit the show.

− Show Name

− Organiser
RX Japan Ltd.

− Dates
Oct. 9 (Wed) - 11 (Fri), 2024

− Venue
Makuhari Messe, Japan

B-to-B trade show

Exhibit Profile

Work Tools
Measuring Equipment, Stepladder, Grindstone, Trolley, Work Gloves, Cleaning Supply, Portable Battery, Floodlight, Generator, Snow Removal Equipment, etc.

Work Wear/Shoes
Work Wear, Safety Wear, Protective Clothing, Air-conditioned Clothing, Work Shoes, Socks, Innerwear, T-shirt, etc.

Safety & Emergency Equipment
Safety Belt, Harness, Helmet, Glasses, Shoes, Gloves, Emergency Supply, Tool Kit, PPE, etc.

Worker’s Gear
Electric Tool, Air Tool, Hydraulic Tool, Car Maintenance Tool, Tool Box, Screwdriver, Nipper, Plier, Wrench, Grinder, Hammer,  Scissor, Cutter, etc.

Garden & Landscaping Tool
Saw, Chainsaw, Brushcutter, Mower, Blower, Hedge Trimmer, Shovel, Pruning Shear, Pickaxe, Axe, etc.

Paint & Adhesive
Exterior Wall Paint, Wood Paint, Heat-proof Paint, Brush, Roller, Bond, Instant Glue, Repair Putty, Tape, etc.

Fastener & Hardware
Screw, Nail, Bolt, Nut, Handle, Door Roller,  Shelving Bracket/Upright, Hinge, Latch, Grating, etc.

Visitor Profile

Retailers (Home Centre, DIY Shop, Mass Retailer, Tool & Hardware Shop, Garden Centre, Agricultural Supply Sotre, Online Store, etc.)

Wholesalers (Tool & Hardware, Work Wear, Safety Equipment, Horticultural Supply, Agricultural Supply, etc.)

Professional Users (Carpenter, Contractor, Landscaper, Construction Worker, Car Mechanic, Builder, Farmer, etc.)

Manufacturer (Work Tool, Carpentry Equipment, Work Wear, Safety Equipment, Gardening Equipment, Agricultural Material, etc.)

Special Exhibit Zones

Auto Parts/Maintenance Tool Zone

Work Wear Zone

Work Tool Zone

Work Gear & Garden Tool Zone

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