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How about wandering around Japan after the show?
You can see many different aspects of Japan.

The show will be held at a modern venue named Makuhari Messe. It is located in Chiba prefecture, but very accessible to Tokyo.
It takes about 30 minutes by train from the Tokyo metropolitan area where you can experience day & night life in Tokyo.

Tokyo Area Info

Tokyo Skytree @Oshiage

Tokyo Skytree is now the most trendy sightseeing spot in Tokyo. Climb up to top of the tower (634m high) and see the wonderful view of Tokyo. Night time is also good to see the gorgeous night view. Underneath Tokyo Skytree, there is a large shopping complexes named "Solamachi"and also an aquarium.

Shibuya, Harajuku & Shinjuku

At Shibuya & Harajuku―mecca for youngsters, you can feel pop culture in Japan. See & walk through the world famous scramble crossing in Shibuya. With 3 stops from Shibuya on Yamanote Line, Shinjuku is the business area with sky scrapers and is also known as the entertainment area that never sleeps.

Asakusa & Ueno

If you would like to see the old Japan, Asakusa area is a good choice. Visit Tokyo's oldest temple "Sensoji" and its gate called "Kaminarimon." At "Nakamise," the small shopping street leading from Kaminarimon to Sensoji, you can find and buy goods like Kanji (Japanese character) T-shirts, Sushi key chains, etc. You can also visit Ueno area with 20mins walk.


Are you a shopping lover? If so, your destination should be Ginza. From fast-fashion to high brand, you can find clothes, bags, shoes, etc. at flagship stores and department stores. Also, Ginza is famous for its expensive restaurants with tasteful worldwide cuisine.


Roppongi-now appealing to a wider range of people with Roppongi Hills and Tokyo Midtown: 2 modern shopping and entertainment complexes- still being considered as an active nightlife district popular among locals and foreigners. Lots of night clubs and bars are in this area. Enjoy nightlife here, or if you are an art lover, museum hopping is recommended in the daytime.


Are you an Anime & Manga lover? or Do you want to buy some electronics and hi-tech products such as PC, camera, rice cooker? Akihabara is your paradise!


Eat nice food at restaurants and enjoy the night view of "New Tokyo Waterfront" area.

−Odaiba Area attractions

Go a little further


Kamakura - a historic place with lots of temples and shrines, including Daibutsu (giant Buddha)

Mt. Fuji

Mt. Fuji - a symbol of Japan which has been selected as a World Heritage


Nikko - the place Nikko Toshogu Shrine (World Heritage) is located, and famous for hot springs


Kyoto - widely known as the old capital of Japan, a beautiful historic city 2.5 hours from Tokyo (via Shikansen Nozomi (bullet train))

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Feel the atmosphere of Tokyo & Japan before your visit.

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