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What to expect from TOOL JAPAN​

TOOL JAPAN serves as a platform where innovation in the tool and hardware industry takes center stage. Expect to see the latest advancements in hand tools, power tools, machinery, and hardware accessories from both local and international manufacturers. This is your opportunity to get hands-on with cutting-edge technology and gain insights into the future of the industry.​

Show Features​


Explore a global showcase of 850+ exhibitors* spanning 30+ countries, guaranteeing your every need and more at the showground.​​

International Pavilions​

TOOL JAPAN shines as a global hub, attracting overseas tech suppliers through captivating exhibitions from international pavilions.​

Conference Programme​​

Learn new gardening techniques, discover the art of landscaping, and stay updated on the latest industry practices.​


Concurrently held with Asia’s leading show for agricultural & livestock technologies.​


Concurrently held with Japan's largest garden and horticulture industry trade show.​

*Numbers indicated above include all concurrent shows.​

Auto Parts/Maintenance Tool Zone​

Explore a wide range of auto parts, tools, and equipment designed to keep vehicles running smoothly. From diagnostic tools to spare parts, this zone is a one-stop shop for automotive professionals and enthusiasts looking to elevate their maintenance game.​

Work Wear Zone​

Safety and comfort on the job are paramount, and the Work Wear Zone has you covered. Discover a diverse selection of high-quality workwear, protective gear, and apparel tailored for various industries. From durable work boots to specialised uniforms, this zone ensures you're dressed for success in any work environment.​

Work Tool Zone

Precision, efficiency, and innovation converge in the Work Tool Zone. Explore the latest advancements in hand tools, power tools, and machinery. Whether you're a craftsman, builder, or DIY enthusiast, you'll find an impressive array of tools that promise to make your work easier and more productive.​

Work Gear & Garden Tool Zone​

Discover a wealth of garden tools, landscaping equipment, and outdoor gear designed to transform your outdoor spaces. From lawnmowers to garden accessories, and even camping gear, this zone is a paradise for those who love to work and relax in the great outdoors.​

Interested in attending?​

Whether you're looking to expand your market or source products from around the world, TOOL JAPAN offers a diverse and global perspective.

Thinking about exhibiting?

Gain exposure in the Japanese and Asia-Pacific markets, connect with potential buyers, and expand your brand's reach. Secure your spot as an exhibitor at TOOL JAPAN!​